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SAFE Philalux 3 UV Light Table with 3x Magification

Sale: $239.96

Philalux 3 - UV Longwave and Shortwave Lamp with Built-in Magnifiers

Large inspection area with magnification and plenty of light for close up inspection work.

The universal detection lamp to examine stamps, coins, currency, documents, minerals, artwork, forgeries, repairs, etc. Sturdy black housing, glass magnifiers, and includes 110 volt adapter.  Size of Philalux: 7-1/4" long x 5-1/4" wide x 5" high

The upper part:
- Large (5-3/8" x 2-5/8") aspherical 3x magnification lens and a small (7/8" diameter) aspherical 12x magnification lens.  Distortion free.

- Ultraviolet longwave tube (7 watt, 365nm) to identify fluorescent paper (tagging) on stamps of USA, Canada, China, France, Germany, Mexico, etc. as well as inks, forgeries, repairs, etc. Check for authenticity of coins, banknotes, certificates, minerals, artwork, etc.
Push "L/UV" button.

- Shortwave tube (2 watt, 266nm) with filter for checking phosphor and overall tagging
on stamps of USA, Canada, Israel, Great Britain, etc. Also for difficult tagged stamps, like block and overall tagging on US stamps or phosphor bands of Great Britain.
Push "S/UV" button.

The lower part:
- White fluorescent tube (4 watt) to examine paper varieties, colors, watermarks, etc. The size of the lighted area is 5" long x 3" wide.  Push "W/L" button.

- Electronic magnet to check magnetic area of currency by rubbing over magnet. Push "MG" button.

No. 9865SP Philalux UV Light table with longwave and shortwave and fluorescent lamps - 110 Volt Model - (wavelength 365nm and 266nm) supplied with a reverse voltage converter.

  • Model: SA-9865SP
  • Manufactured by: SAFE

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