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Lindner T-Blank Pages

Lindner T-Blank System

Each leaf of the LINDNER T-Blank system consists of a cardboard sheet and a PERMAPHIL the left edge glued rigid PVC foil wraps. For individual design of the stamp collection, the LINDNER T-Blank System holds more than 80 different sheet variants with different levels and different widths insert strips to choose from. This system offers numerous ways to customize the pages of the stamp collection itself for individualists and creatives. Unlike the LINDNER Vordruckblättern is the area where the stamps are inserted unprinted.

The stamps are inserted into the film strip and thereby protected on both sides by the foil pouch. Thanks to the high film quality, the film covers offer a crystal clear view of the brands. The gentle clamping action to the film seam that is created by a special foil welding process, ensures that the stamps are held firmly in place and do not move. The film casing is connected by a special bonding method at the left edge fixed to the cardboard sheet. This allows a simple flip. In this way, the front and the back of the stamps can be viewed without having to remove them from the secure foil. All leaves of the LINDNER T-Blank System have a 18-ring perforation, which at all times ensure a secure grip in all Lindner-binder with 18-ring mechanism.

A great advantage of the LINDNER T-Blank system is that the stamps for designing or redesigning the page or the entire collection can be removed at any time easily. In this way, the sheet is not damaged and can be reused for another configuration.

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