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LINDNER-T Illustrated Country Albums

LINDNER's Hingeless Illustrated Country Albums are made using our T-Blank System and arranged by our in-house Philatelic Department and categorized by the Michel Stamp Catalog. The stamps are inserted in a high quality special foil that is 100% free of acids and chemical softeners. The film sleeve offers a crystal clear view of the front and back of your stamps without removing them from the pocket. Simply turn the film sleeve and you can see the stamps from all angles! This is especially important when checking for the condition of the gum, descriptions, expert’s marks, watermarks, and overall condition.

How to use our pages (it’s so easy!):

Insert your stamp into the pocket (please use stamp tongs!) and push it gently against the seam at the bottom of the pocket. The “pinching” action of the seam will hold your stamp perfectly in place and the entire stamp is fully protected. That’s it!



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